I think there was a meme floating around about drawing yourself in 5 or 6 different styles?

Yeah. This is me being a doofus about my internet art crushes and attempting to imitate their styles. I had a lot of fun doing this and I totally didn’t do these guys justice— so definitely check out THEIR artwork! They’ve all been such an inspiration to me.

  1. Zach Bellisimo (Snaggle-teeh)
  2. Stephane Tartelin
  3. Ben Caldwell
  4. Sam McKenzie
  5. Mad Rupert
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    Aw thanks! Your stuff is the best. Love your work, man.
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    This is cool! No ones ever tried to copy my style before! I never really thought I had a specific style, it seems all...
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    aaaa these are so cool lisa!